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  • Why does dental phobia occur?
  • The most frequent reasons for dental anxiety include the following:
  • own negative experience;
  • heredity;
  • emotional susceptibility of a person;
  • attention deficit disorder;
  • low pain threshold;
  • fear of blood, pain;
  • fear of medical coincidental clinic.

Scientists have found that the cause of this type of phobia in adults (70%) is the fear they experienced with the dentist in childhood.

How does dental phobia manifest itself?

People who are interested in how not to be afraid of the dentist usually experience discomfort on a physiological and emotional level. At the mere thought of an upcoming visit to the doctor, they may be disturbed by:

muscle tension;

  • headache;
  • increased sweating;
  • nausea, and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Mental manifestations of dental phobia appear in a peak situation – when a doctor tries to start diagnosis and treatment. A person panics, cannot control his actions, becomes numb, or, conversely, shows aggression.

Why Fight Fear? Dentist Health Care

It is necessary to solve the problem of dental phobia because dental care is an integral part of the life of any person. So, early-stage caries, cracked enamel, and gum disease are much easier to treat and prevent complications, including serious ones.

If you want to learn how to stop being afraid of the dentist’s office and the dentist, then you have already realized and accepted the fact of your fear. This is the initial step in resolving the issue. Often, adults manage to overcome fear on their own, taking into account the advice of psychologists:

Choose your clinic and doctor carefully. Do not limit yourself to reviews on the Internet, it is better to visit the dentist in person;

talk to your doctor the day before. Given the specifics of the case, the dentist will exclude any manifestations of pain, for example, using an anesthetic gel before anesthesia is administered;

prepare for the reception. Do not ignore the recommendations of a nutritionist, a daily regimen before taking. Take the recommended sedative.

distract your brain. If you do not know how to overcome the fear of the dentist, already sitting in a chair, forcibly occupy your head with a solution to a logical puzzle, or repeat obsessive lines from a song.

“Fighting the fear of the dentist is not only possible but necessary. If you ignore going to the doctor all the time, not only teeth but also other organs can suffer, because everything in our body is interconnected. When asked by patients what to do if they are afraid to treat their teeth, all dentists have one answer – by all means, look for ways to cope with the pathology. Doctor’s commentary – Martynova E. Yu.

Empowering Smiles: Overcoming Stomatophobia With Compassionate Care And Innovative Solutions”

All methods of correcting severe forms of stomatophobia in adults, adolescents, and children are reduced to medicinal and psychotherapeutic:

drug therapy. Treatment of the advanced form of the disease requires the use of antidepressants. Just before visiting the clinic, the doctor may recommend taking a sedative;

psychotherapeutic approach. The patient treated by a specialist who helps to determine the causes of fear and develops an individual plan of psychotherapy.

Often, faced with their own fear, and then realizing the safety and painlessness of medical manipulations, a person forgets about dental phobia forever.

In many ways, this success determined by the tactics used by the clinic. Thus, tooth extraction without fear, even for patients with dental phobia, is possible if innovative methods used in dentistry that are not limited to injections. So, if necessary, modern dentists treat and remove teeth under sedation, during which the patient is in the stage of superficial sleep. The procedure is absolutely safe and can be used in the treatment of children.

Sedation and other therapeutic techniques, as well as the responsiveness of the Dental clinic-Dentistry staff, help patients with dental phobia forget about fear and develop the habit of taking care of their dental and oral health. 

The Affects Dental Health

Dentophobia can cause people to neglect their oral health, which can result in cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. To keep your oral health in peak shape, it’s imperative to tackle dentophobia head-on. We understand that the emotional aspect of dentophobia is just as important as the physical, and we’re dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for every patient.

Dentist Tips for Overcoming Dentophobia

  1. Open Communication

At our practice, we prioritize open and transparent communication. If you’re experiencing dentophobia, let us know. Our team trained to work with fearful patients, and we’ll take the time to understand your concerns and address them accordingly. However, by expressing your fears, you give us the opportunity to tailor your dental experience to alleviate your anxiety.

  1. Gentle Introduction

For individuals with severe dentophobia, we recommend starting with Dental clinical, non-invasive procedures. Furthermore, gradually easing into dental care can help you build trust with our team and acclimate to the environment. Generally, a simple dental cleaning or examination can be an excellent starting point.

  1. Sedation Options

Modern dentistry has a number of sedation solutions that can make you feel comfortable and at ease while getting treatments. Further, from mild sedation to deeper levels of anesthesia, our skilled professionals can determine the best sedation approach based on your individual needs.

  1. Distracting Strategies

We provide distraction strategies such as viewing TV or listening to music throughout your session. Especially, these techniques can assist in distracting you from the process and lowering your anxiety.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

Reward yourself for facing your dentophobia head-on. Conversely, treat yourself to something enjoyable after your dental appointment, reinforcing the idea that dental care is a positive experience.

Preserving Your Dental Health

  1. Regular Check-ups

Routine dental check-ups are essential for preventing major dental issues. In particular, by attending regular appointments, you can catch problems early and receive timely treatment.

  1. Proper Oral Hygiene

It’s crucial to maintain appropriate oral hygiene at home for the sake of keeping your dental health. Accordingly, brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly can keep cavities and gum disease at bay.

  1. Healthy Diet

Your oral health and overall health will both benefit from a balanced, vitamin and mineral-rich diet. Avoid meals that are high in acid and sugar because they can erode dental enamel. 

  1. Specialist Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings remove tenacious plaque and tartar accumulation to maintain the cleanliness and health of your teeth.

  1. Customized Care Plan

Our dental professionals will create a customized care plan based on your unique needs and concerns. You will receive the highest quality oral health treatment available thanks to our tailored approach. 


Dentophobia should not stand in the way of achieving optimal oral health. You may get over your fear and take charge of your dental care by using our advice and techniques. At our practice, we dedicated to providing a supportive and compassionate environment where your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. Remember, your journey towards overcoming dentophobia is a significant step towards a healthier, happier you. 

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